The unlicensed spectrum is invaluable for 5G but an unkempt domain, awaiting its renovator.

Ambeent's technology is the only Inter-Home Wi-Fi Performance Solution in the market. encourages both end users and operators to unleash the maximum potential of Wi-Fi and increase Internet speed. We offer a unique platform based on cloud and artificial intelligence to bring order and dynamism to chaotic unlicensed spectrum among Wi-Fi networks.

Our technology can reach hundreds of millions of access points to optimize the performance of Wi-Fi worldwide, and provide instant solutions for every user.

Who we are?
“We love Wi-Fi!
And we relentlessly work for providing a better, faster internet!”
Scientific Fellow, PhD UC Berkeley
Board Advisor, PhD MIT
Founder and President, PhD UC Berkeley
Board Member, PhD (a.b.d). UC Santa Barbara, MBA LBS
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Ambeent is a 5G WiFi company with a strong culture of innovation to bring extraordinary value to upcoming next generation networks.

A career here means you will learn and grow personally and professionally, where your ideas and actions will have a great impact on our technology and products in the marketplace. 

Ambeent is an equal opportunity employer and offers unique and exciting career paths and competitive benefits.

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