Organizing the World’s Wi-Fi
Ambeent provides an industry first, cloud-native, AI-powered Spectrum Orchestration Platform, enabling insights into end-users' quality of experience leveraging a device-derived intelligent data analysis.
Monitor and Optimise end to end service performance
Vendor and Service Provider Agnostic
  • Features Zero Integration
  • Pure SDK Solution, No Hardware or Firmware Required
  • Centralized and Leverages Collaboration
  • Enables Self-Cure
  • Acts as a First Responder
  • Technology Agnostic: All Sizes of Wi-Fi, CBRS and 5G Networks
  • Only GDPR/CCPA Compliant Solution in the market
Ambeent Wi-Fi Console
First Responder for Customer Experience
  • Betterment for overall Customer Experience
  • Decrease Complaints and Call Center Calls
  • Reduce OPEX with less and shorter calls
  • Lower subscriber churn rates for operators
  • Enables Self-Cure and Smart Ticketing
  • Predict Wi-Fi Problems and Recommend
Ambeent Hotel Console
Room by room Wi-Fi end-user quality monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Experience is the number 1 decision factor for guest,
    by perfecting the service, increase bookings
  • Optimize hardware spending
  • Monitor real-time device activity
  • Predict location based future usage surges
  • Manage multiple locations by using one single dashboard
  • Solve interference problem at a room level
Ambeent Work From Home Console
Monitor remote team connectivity from a single dashboard
  • Manage residential connection with enterprise-level features
  • Monitor employee connectivity and performance
  • Diagnose and resolve Wi-Fi issues in real time, reduce down-time
  • Provide remote IT management without investing in new hardware
  • One customizable dashboard for whole organization
  • Optimize employee’s in-home Wi-Fi to offer a seamless work performance
Ambeent Field Console
Coordinate field teams during installation and maintenance from Wi-Fi Console
  • Faster Response and Less Repair Time
  • Increased Customer Service and Satisfaction
  • Increased Customer Intelligence and Decreased Costs
  • Easier to manage Operations for the Mechanic and Tow Trucks:
    Better Time and Productivity Management
  • Easier Client Handling for The Agent
Ambeent’s SDK for OTTs
Understand Digital Experience with respect to Wi-Fi experience
  • Ensure consistent and seamless delivery of content
  • Gather the end-user level usage data to optimize future software development
  • Reduce subscriber churn rate by providing responsive customer service:
    predict connection problems before user experiences it
  • SDK solution, be live in days not months
Ambeent Wi-Fi Apps
AI Powered Self-Cure Response for post COVID-19 Digital World
  • Enterprise level connection tests made available for subscribers
  • End interference problem with one click optimization
  • Collaborative solution: Neighbors using Ambeent help each other for connection betterment
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Case Studies
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